instructional design and training
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what we do
use the ADDIE model of instructional design and the Kirkpatrick model of training evalution
     instructional design for instructor led training:
typcial face-to-face, stand-up training that is "same time/same place" events, including:
  • development of customized PowerPoint presentations
  • unique training videos and photographs specific to your organization
  • audio recordings
  • student and instructor guides
  • handouts and other training materials
  • assessments
  • summative and formative evaluations, and reports
  • manage all apects of instructor led training projects
     ​instructional design for eTraining:
this is strickly online training that is either "same time/different place" (as in a live webinar), or "different time/different place" training when particiapants take online training from a unique place whenever they want, including:
  • converting your existing PowerPoint presentations to eTraining​ for in-line, static information that participants read and click through
  • interactivty and branching of content to help participants review information of which they need more practice or if they answer questions incorrectly
  • ​use Captivate and/or Articulate, the two industry leaders for development of online training content
  • manage all apects of eTraining projects

     instructional design for oganizational specialities:
any of the above (blended approach), and including partnering with Human Resources to integrate training with pay raises and/or certification, and apprenticeship programs for employees
     set up and manage a Learning Management System
use the Articulate Online Learning Management System or work with your existing LMS and online learning manager
     train your trainers
one subject-matter expert shares his or her expertise with a group of employees who are designated as trainers from your organization, and this group then uses this information to instruct others
  • we educate the trainers to be more than providers of information to others by training them on effective training methods
     offer adult training consulting as needed
specialized training
for training on how to establish, create, and maintain your own website, please contact us
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for training on how to create a highly effective resume, please contact us
  • With most instructor led classes, material is put into outlined form as it is expected that the instructor will fill in most of the blanks, such as integrating or leading the learning events
  • With eTraining, you have to put in all the content and get it to perform the learning events by itself
- Because of this, eTraining has traditionally been four times
   more expensive up front as it costs more to develop than ILT,
   but the real savings come from other factors, such as travel,
   administrative costs, and seat-time

- Seat-time is time spent by participants in a traini environment,
   and because of this, many types of content, eTraining clearly
   offers an advantage
  • There is at least a 50% reduction in seat-time when a course is converted from Classroom Training to eTraining

- The ratio is about 2:1, so this is about 1/2 the time to learn
   something online as it does in the classroom

- Content is the key. When learning a new skill that requires
   practice and observation, there is typically no real eTraining

- If the eTraining looks more like a PowerPoint presentation,
   then a 1:1 ratio is a close estimate
- This means that the more eTraining like PowerPoint
   presentations and looks more like an interactive package, the
   more the ratio starts to increase
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