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what we do
create photographs to use in your websites, training, marketing materials, electronic press kits, and iBooks

photography packages & prices
Use professionally done photographs for...
  • food menus
  • product or services videos
  • iBooks
  • concert posters
  • website favicons
  • webpages
  • promotional calendars
  • informational brochures
  • ​class yearbooks
  • real estate advertisements
  • slide shows
  • social media
  • greeting cards
  • academic papers
  • training materials
  • marketing collateral
  • PowerPoint or Keynote presentations
  • and more...
  1. Kelleys Island Barrier Beach
    Kelleys Island Barrier Beach
    Ohio State Parks 2015 Places of Interest Category Winner
  2. Kayaks Off Avon Point
    Kayaks Off Avon Point
    Ohio Department of Natural Resources 2014 Safe Boating Photo Contest Winner. Sill a favorite of ODNR!
  3. Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
    Ohio Parks and Lodges 2014 Contest Winner
  4. Miller Park Fishing Pier at Dusk
    Miller Park Fishing Pier at Dusk
    Near Avon Point, Avon Lake, Ohio
  5. Young Snail
    Young Snail
    Kelleys Island, Ohio
  6. Garden Harvest
    Garden Harvest
    University Hospitals' 2014 Eat Real Foods Photo Contest, Cleveland, Ohio
photo shoot packages 
  1. Animals
  2. Travel
  3. Products
  4. Travel
two hour photo shoot: $300 for about 20 to 25 finished images
four hour photo shoot: $600 for about 26 to 50 finished images
six hour photo shoot: $900 for about 51 to 75 finished images
eight hour photo shoot: $1200 for about 76 to 106 finished images
ten hour photo shoot: $1500 for about 107 to 135 finished images
slide show standard package: $300.00 for 150 finished images (see below for details)
  1. Marketing
  2. Vintage
all photo packages include setup, tear down, and image capture at a location of your choice (travel expenses are calulated based on location)
edited images are saved on a memory stick or CD as needed, and online hosting if required
once your photographs are created and distributed, you own the rights to the new digital versions of your originals
we’ll provide you with a copy of the final photographic files so you can share the photos with family, friends, and business associates, and include them in any of your marketing, social media, and other online materials
adjustments to images can be made to your photos once they are finished
one free round of revisions is included with additional rounds of revisions cost $70, $75, $80, $90, or $100 in repect to the hourly photo shoot selected
acceptable adjustments:
  • color
  • contrast
  • crop
  • chromatic abberation
  • curves
  • darkening
  • definition
  • exposure
  • flip
  • highlight & shadows
  • lightening
  • noise reduction
  • polarize
  • red eye correction
  • retouch
  • saturation
  • sepia tone
  • Sharpening
  • skin smoothing
  • spot and patch
  • straighten
  • tint
  • vibrancy
  • white balance
prices do not include a 6.75% sales tax if services are purchased in ohio
slide show
standard package
share memories at corporate gatherings, weddings, family & school reunions, graduations, funerals, birthdays, new borns, or for gifts
  • processing for up to 150 images
  • cleaning photographs and/or slides (this is not usually done by an online service)
  • storing and returning originals in archival holders (this is not usually done by an online service)
  • digitizing the images
  • adjusting images as needed (refer to the list at the left for the most common adjustments. This is not usually done by an online service)
  • creating a "slide show" video including a title, transitions, motion, and set to your choice of music
​(150 images shown for 4 seconds each will create a 10 minute presentation)
  • saving on DVD or memory stick
  • accessing online at during your event
all slide shows can be customized, so contact us to talk about your specific needs​ and pricing.
ask about creating a
beautiful iBook of
your slide show
1% when originals not returned in archival holders
1% when service is not required

2% when the slide show is not set to music
6% when photo/slides do not need cleaned
7% when images do not need adjusted
8% when images are already digitized
customers 60 years old or older get a 25% discount...that's only $225.00