website creation & maintenance service
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what we do

work with you to estabish the necessary functions, capabilities, and characteristics related to your website, and the plans for creating it
features can include eCommerce, full desktop and mobile device site
the average price range to create your finished Website is from $600 to $1400
prices do not include the 6.5% Sales Tax if services are purchased in Ohio
price range is determined by recognizing several types of requirements that are defined during the website design process
these requirements come together to focus and prioritize your project plan:

types of requirements

most website requirements fall within at least one of the following categories. We work with you to consider all of them in the project plan:
  • business
​​​define the objectives and what problems you intend to solve with your website, and the number of webpages
  • user
describe user expectations and how users will interact with the features, functions, and content of your website
  • functional
provide details of how a website should behave and specify what is needed for development
  • quality-of-service
detail what characteristics a website must maintain in order to keep its effectiveness and any constraints
  • implementation
​detail changes in process, team roles, migration from one system to another, etc.
our goal is to make your website:
  • usable
  • useful
  • desirable
  • accessible
  • credible
  • findable
  • valuable
What is the
Quality of Your Website?
Lake Treasures Vintage
A recently completed project.
Lake Treasures Vintage is part of Onsite Studio. We wanted a simple website with several photos of items that we sell on
Even though we could have set up an eCommerce site of our own to sell products, we elected to keep the site informational and link it to Etsy to sell items for us and handle the business of selling online.
Onsite Studio developed the site, and maintains it as sale images change often.
Abigail Ministries of Northeast Ohio
Another recently completed project.
The client wanted an informational website that is dedicated to raising awareness, educating and equipping the faith community on issues of domestic violence and abuse.
They wanted to help congregations become more aware of the reality of domestic abuse by training people within churches on how to start support groups to deal with the problem.
The client also wanted to make it easy to empower abused women and for them to get help.
The essential abilty to use PayPal for donations to this non-profit organization was included in the project.
Onsite-Studio developed the site as directed by the client, and also maintains the site with monthly updates for speaking, training, and informational event changes.